Online Doctor and Hospital Web directory - FirstMedtrade Africa

I designed the frontend structure for this website directory to help users find doctors and find hospitals in their local area, as well as book appointments and find directions to their location.

Project Type: Web UI design, Web development

Project Duration: 3 days

Tools Used:HTML CSS Javascript

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Not being able to find the right doctor or nearest hospital

The narrative that prompted this design was the fact that patients in mostly third-world and developing countries found it difficult to access quality and affordable healthcare. Most times, they were faced with the issue of finding the closest hospital in times of crises or the right doctor to speak to for their health needs; thus, leaving them to self-medications which always results in complications.


Easily find a doctor or hospital near you

The idea is to design a solution to allow the public or patients to easily access healthcare professionals or hospitals when they need medical attention. We achieved this by building an online web directory that allows users to search for doctors and hospitals registered on our platform by searching within the directory.

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The Process:

Competitive Analysis:

Prior to designing, I researched the competition to better understand the market needs. In order to better understand what users wanted, I sought to discover what competitors were not able to offer.
As part of my study, I focused on Healthgrades, which was predominant in the USA, and Practo, which was popular in India.
According to my analysis, these guys were well known in India, Europe, and the United States, but they had difficulties selling this platform to users in Nigeria and across Africa. This was majorly due to the difference in the geography and understanding of their users.
Some patients in remote communities could not access these services due to the high costs associated with these platforms.

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Physician Dashboard Area:

It was designed to facilitate physicians' scheduling of patient appointments on the physician dashboard. A number of other features were available, including appointment confirmation, editing profile, and linking to the National Medical verification portal. There, quarks would be eliminated and verification would be completed.

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Patient Dashboard Area:

The patient dashboard area of the system contained a chat area, a hospital search feature, and a referral request system that users to easily get referred to new hospitals from previous hospitals.
There is also an option to upload medical reports and it is also possible to access previous hospital or doctor reports that have been left on the platform. They could also book appointments with doctors based on the doctor's availability as indicated on the doctor's schedule.

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