My passion for helping people is what drives everything I do.

I currently work part-time as the lead product designer with the team at FirstMedtrade Africa to build an improved medical lifestyle for easy, accessible and affordable healthcare for Nigerians. I also share my knowledge and design expertise with students as a mentor on DesignLab, providing support and guidance to them on their design journey.
My focus is on creating end-to-end user-friendly experiences for businesses that are minimal, accessible and useful in a way that helps them relate to their users and provide the right solutions.

Outside of my 9-5.

My favourite thing to do is to have a good laugh. I like to write, listen to music, play board games, and spend some alone time reading. I also enjoy being around my family and my loved ones.
I especially love listening to people talk about their problems and giving them guidance where I think is necessary.

P.S. You could also find me playing with the neighbor's dog 😁.

My Journey

In 2013, I completed a six-month training course on Microsoft Office Tools and web design terminologies. During this time, I learned about HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. After that, I became interested in web design and began taking more tests and replicating some designs online.

In 2017, I interned as a Web Designer at the Ministry of Science and Technology in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. My ability to quickly learn their existing systems and stay current with new technologies led me to be placed in charge of a team responsible for executing a three-month training program for 10 senior staff and 50 newbies.

My expertise allows me to work with business owners, startups and individuals to help them build their solutions with a stress-free experience for their users.

I've worked with...

I have been privileged to work with many wonderful people from diverse industries. Here are some of them.

Thrive.NIG First Medtrade Africa SoliumRise IRELP TVNR Cancer Foundation
CypressEnergy Club and Country James Plus Consulting Nweke Cynthia Kizito

What they've said.

I have been moving from one product designer to the other. Yet, I was not satisfied with their services. At last, I came across your services. Your creative designs attracted me to you. You were able to pay attention to details and needs. Now, I can quit moving from one product designer to the other. Indeed, you are a 'God-sent'.

Ugwu Kizito

Wow! I lack words to describe your skills. Your ability to blend user needs with business goals to produce consistently successful products is commendable. Expect more gigs from me.

Olamide Damilare

After reading just about every review of your designs and various other product design reviews. Finally, I decided to test your skills. I can say your creativity and passion have won me over. Your skills are exceptional.

Blessing Ochanya

I came across your services on Linked In through one of your customers [I guess]. She talked about your offers, and in my mind, I was like, "is this worth my time and resources?" After much thinking, I decided to give it a try. Mehn…your results are a shocker. I never expected such a thing. Indeed, a book shouldn't be judged by its cover.

Jide Tomoshegbo

Your words coupled with the designs and interactions were perfect for my idea. Indeed, you are able to prioritize user experiences and give the desired results.

Akwa-Eno Isong

Before I met you, my products were in a complete mess and weren't giving me what I needed. When I met you, you were able to re-create my products which improved performance, efficiency, and sales appeal. I must say your passion for designing to make life better is top-notch.

Victoria Oniyide

Your users desire a stress-free experience with your digital product. I can help you provide this with maximum satisfaction.

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